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Nanobubbles & Nanowater Technology

Nanobubbles are about to change water as you know it. "Behind Every Great Innovator Is a Name" is a company based in Baden, ON, providing clean water solutions around the world by utilizing these nanobubbles. Founder and innovator Walter J. Bauer has created water that doesn't perform like regular water. This nanowater is chock-full of proven benefits and is invaluable when used in a wide variety of applications, surpassing the limits of regular water.

"Behind Every Great Innovator Is a Name" offers expertise in the utilization of the Bauer process and its applications to the end-user. Walter will custom-tailor his methods to your needs, delivering world-class results.

The Importance of Clean Water in the Dairy Industry


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About Walter J. Bauer

Walter grew up on a farm in Ontario and later graduated from the University of Guelph. He has fostered a lifelong passion for inventing, and his first project was agricultural, where the interdependence and importance of clean water and air in the environment were highlighted.

Walter has worked with a series of power plants as a consultant, and in 2003, he began working for himself, developing innovative, environmentally friendly products and processes. His creative nanotechnology process allows nanobubbles to form in water, making their health-giving benefits available to all. Additionally, Walter was ordained as a minister in the Lutheran Church in America in 1981 and has been keenly aware of his role in helping make the world a better place.

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