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Nanobubble Technology

At "Behind Every Great Innovator Is A Name," nanobubbles are changing water as we know it. A nanobubble is hydrophilic and removes particles in the water. The water releases all biofilm from anything it has contact with. Walter J. Bauer turns the water he works with blue through a physical-mechanical change, which is not forced. A charge is then put in the water, and nanobubbles, with their unique characteristics, are created. Walter is the only innovator to offer this completely pure water.



The benefits of nanobubbles in our water are widespread and offer pleasing results when used in industrial, agricultural, and residential applications. When humans are drinking nanowater, they feel and look younger, enjoying better skin and an improved aura.

Nanowater cleans dishes and laundry exceptionally well by lifting dirt and grime more efficiently. Detergents are also more effective because of nanobubbles.

The beverage and livestock industries have already experienced extraordinary benefits by using water saturated with nanobubbles. Cows that drink water saturated with nanobubbles produce what Walter calls "green milk," which is environmentally safer milk.

Glass of Water With Ice

Experience You Can Count On

Walter brings more than 30 years of industry experience to the realm of safe, healthy, and effective nanowater. His discoveries benefit everyone, and all aspects of life and nanobubble technology are currently being incorporated into a massive range of applications across all industries.

Learn more about the benefits of nanowater and contact "Behind Every Great Innovator Is A Name" for more information. Walter wants to enlighten you with new details on an expanding range of nanowater applications.